Existential Analysis and Logotherapy in the UK

“He who knows a ‘why’ for living will surmount almost every ‘how’.”  ~ Viktor Frankl

Dear friend,

How often do you ask yourself whether you agree with the life you’re living?

Do you feel that you live authentically – in line with your inner consent? 
Where do you find meaning?

Finding a Yes to life. This is the goal of Existential Analysis. And it persecutes this goal in its professional application in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you fully own your life or whether your life owns you, then you might want to consider embarking on this personal and professional journey that brings together philosophy, psychotherapy and spirituality through a scientific methodology developed by Existential Analysis founder Viktor Frankl and further developed by one of his brightest students and successor, Dr Alfried Laengle.

Find out what Existential Analysis is

Dr. Laengle’s new UK diploma programme in Existential Analysis is starting in November, at London’s Birkbeck University. This four-and-a-half year course, hosted by the Viennese School of Existential Analysis and GLE International is particularly valuable to psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors, life coaches, HR professionals, those looking for a career change and also anyone wanting to embark on a journey of personal development while deepening their knowledge and understanding of psychology.

The first module starts on 28th February and we only have a few places remaining, so do get in touch with us today with any queries you might have prior to reserving your place!

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For more information, please check our website, reply to this email or give us a call on +447595896974.

Yours, in finding a YES to life,

The London team of GLE