Existential Dynamics & Therapy of Histrionic Disorder

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October 20, 27, November 3, 24, 2019

3 hours each session (12 hours in total)

– All life sessions are on Sundays at 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST/6:00pm GMT+2 (= Central Europe)

[Can’t make it live? No problem. All sessions will be recorded and streamable]


Currently, under the influence of DSM and ICD, hysteria as a disorder has disappeared. It was the most widely diagnosed neurosis up to the 1960s. This diagnosis has been lost in the jungle of diagnostics and has changed and morphed into four different diagnoses with limited, compact knowledge and understanding of a very human phenomenon.

This online course will elaborate on the origins of hysteria and will explain its emergence within normal human development. Different forms of hysteria will be introduced. Following this, treatment guidelines for dealing with hysterical behavior will be elaborated.

Learning Objectives 

– Plan and create a treatment plan of histrionic personality disorders through case examples

– Identify the specific symptomology of histrionic disorders

– Describe the psycho-pathological causes of histrionic disorders

– Identify the impact of existential life for prevention and as causes for the development of Hysteria

– Discuss the history of hysteria and its development

– Discuss the widespread phenomenon of hysteria and how the diagnosis has been lost in modern diagnostics

– Plan and discuss the clinical treatment of Hysteria utilizing existential and psychodynamic theory

– Differentiate the forms and levels of disturbance of Hysteria as a diagnosis

Who Is This For? 

– Psychotherapists

– Mental health professionals

– World and life learners

– Those with an interest in exploring hysteria and histrionic disorder

*No prior experience or knowledge required!

Information and registration: https://www.mindbodypassport.com/online-hysteria

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$299 after July 10, 2019.

Online training in Russian language started in January, 2019; 2nd course in Sept. 2020

Existential Dynamics & Therapy of Histrionic Disorder Online Course in the World wide web

October 20, 27, November 3, 24, 2019 – is now available as a record (also with other records on anxiety, depression, burnout) at https://www.mindbodypassport.com/online-existential-psychotherapy

3 hours each session (12 hours in total).

A full training in existential analytical psychotherapy online started on January 20, 2019.

Once a year there is a personal meeting face to face for group self-experience, planned in Moscow. First meeting will take place in for 6 days.

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We have a special form of preliminary activity which is called “Familiarization with EA”. We make it regularly every week. I It is a good 1,5 hours webinar which is good to clarify what is EA and its main terms, methods and usefulness for each Person.

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