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Recognized as a training institution for psychotherapy (counselling) by the State Authorities of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania

Full training in Existential Analysis Psychotherapy and Counselling

Trainer: A. Längle, M.D., Ph.D. and Canadian staff
Location: Vancouver B.C. at UBC and/or Commercial; Langley

Intro B – Feb. 25-26, 2017
Intro C – Apr. 19, 2017 with Alfried Längle

Each Intro has a special topic theme each day

This seminar is ideal for individuals looking for:
Professional Development geared  towards Existential Psychotherapy and/or
A Gateway to the Official Training Program for becoming an Existential Counsellor/Analyst
(with the EA Society of Canada affiliate of GLE International)

For those wanting to join
**COHORT 5**
For Info on Intros: contact: Käri-Ann Thor at:
existentialanalysis@icloud.com or 604-253-5450

FEE *per* day of an Intro: $120 ($80 students)
Location: Vancouver, BC

***Next Training Cohort to begin this year***
Cohort 5 will begin either in May or September, 2017

Thursday evening April 20th, 2017 in Vancouver , BC
Topic, Location, and Registration details to come. Check website for updates.

Mail: Kari-Ann (kalthors@mac.com)  (for Canada); or alfried.laengle@existenzanalyse.org

See for more information in this hp under “english training” – “program Survey”


EA-Master programs at universities are provided at the following places:

1.) Austria: GLE-Austria in collaboration with the university of Salzburg offers a full training in EA and a master diploma from that university, starting in fall 2016 and every year.
For more information please contact Mag. Bukovski Renate renate.bukovski@existenzanalyse.org

2.) Vienna – Sigmund Freud Univ. (SFU) (in German) – please contact GLE-Ö (sekretariat@existenzanalyse.at)

3.) HSE Moscow (Psychol. Dept. Higher School of Economics) – see: http://psy.hse.ru/psychotherapy/ and contact Prof. Shumski Vladimir (vshymsk@hse.ru)

At HSE (Higher School of Economics Moscow), psychological Department, since 2009 there is a possibility for a master study with Russian diploma of master of psychology gained on the basis of a training in EA (incl. all exams, group and individual self-experience). When the needed additional praxis and supervision is completed, the participants receive also the counselling diploma of GLE-International.
The Masterprogram starts every year in the fall.

4.) Santiago de Chile – please contact Croquevieille Michèle (m.croquevielle@gmail.com)