Training in psychotherapy

Curriculum for training in psychotherapy

What is „existential analysis“ (and „logotherapy“)?



The study program of the theoretical part includes 470 hours. These hours are divided up as follows:

  1. Theory of healthy and psychopathological personality development 100 hours
  2. Methods and Techniques 130 hours
  3. Personality- and encounter theory 150 hours
  4. Psychotherapeutic Literature, (4 hours per 6 day unit) 40 hours
  5. Literature Reviews for Final Paper 50 hours

In all seminars the transmission of knowledge is the starting point for the development of personal opinion, independent reflection, group studies and discussion.

Thus, encounter is a fundamental element of the training. The training itself is an encounter by dialogue with the topic. Due to availability other speakers and partners for discussion will take part in the training events. The following thematic list serves as an overview and will be varied individually in every group.

Weekend of admission: 17 hours group self experience