Sunday, April 30st

Plenary moderation: Helene Drexler

Plenary (livestream)

Plenary moderation: Helene Drexler

09.20-10.00 V1 Markus Angermayr (A), „There is a crack in everything“ Self-improvisation with fear (translation)
10.05-10.45 V2 Emmanuel J. Bauer (A), Without “angst” (anxiety) there is no alert humanity Fear as existential (translation)
10.45-19.45 breake

20.15-21.00 V5 Peter Levine (USA)Trauma and paralyzing fear, anxiety and helplessness Helping our clients find a way out (original english) (New starting time!)

Monday, May 1nd

Plenary moderation: Ingo Zirks

Plenary (Livestream)

Plenary moderation: Ingo Zirks

09.05-09.45 V6 Alfried Längle (A), Insecurity – Awkwardness fear, anxiety and helplessness – Helping our clients find a way out (translation)
09.50-10.30 V7 Christoph Kolbe (D), What makes anxiety disorders different from other mental trepidations? Correlations – differentiations – characteristics (translation)
10.30-11.00 breake
11.05-11.25 V8 Karin Matuszak-Luss (D), The many forms of basic anxiety (translation)
11.30-11.50 V9 Erika Luginbühl-Schwab (CH), Anticipation fears and their importance for the realization of exestence (translation)
11.55-14.30 breake
14.35-14.55 V11 Esther Purgina (A), What if I´m scared? Fears of psychotherapists in the therapeutic process (translation)
15.00-15.20 V12 Johannes Jurka (A), the male fear of psychotherapy and the fear of existential analysis relating to gender (translation)
15.25-15.45 V13 Edith Gouta-Holoubek (A), being old is a wonderful thnig… The fear of aging as a lead to the essence (translation)
15.45 end of the english program

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